Was offered an unusual gig today: shoot five, five week old Jack Russell pups. Lots of fun (and several pools of puppy urine in the studio).
Garden photography
A young Thai tigress.
A foggy night in the harbor
A female cheetah stares at her prey.
A longtail boat on Koh Tao.
Bull on a field
The amazing tower in Paris.
Thought of the old Stones song and video "Neighbors" when I shot this.
A fire-like sunset in south western Sweden.
A seaside pier drenched in a storm.
Giovanni C in the studio.
A catamaran sails off into the sunset near Oahu.
Sunset & Moonrise on Maui's north shore.
Fireworks from the roof of the Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden.
Clouds empty rain onto a cloud forest.
The sun sets over Lanai in the North Pacific.
A group of male humpbacks court a female for some serious whale love.
Flight into LAX.
Airbus a380 nearing LAX (Los Angeles Int'l Airport.